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Label Printer is a completely hassle free, easy to use PC-based printer that can print signs and labels up to 101,6 mm wide. Smart chip supplies automatically set up the label in your Brady software, eliminating manual calibration and label waste. Drop-in ribbon and label cartridges ensure fast and effortless material changes.

This monochrome sign and label printer can print on labels 12.70 wide to 101 mm wide. Designed for ease of use and versatility, this printer features an intuitive touch screen display, simple label design, and a wide variety of material and applications.anyone on your team to create labels without prior training. They simply type their desired text and hit the print button.

Solves all your labelling challenges
• Automatic label setup with no calibration
• Fast and effortless material changeovers
• Prints on the first label!

Seriously simple operation.
This printer is so simple, your whole team can use it. Just type and print –
it’s really that easy.
■ Large touch-screen display with “touch and drag” moving and sizing
■ 2-touch printing – just walk up and print!
■ Drop, lock and print smart chip supplies for automatic label formatting
■ Full size fold-down keyboard
■ Stand alone or PC-connect operation

Chock-full of capabilities.
This one printer can take on all the different labeling needs of your facility.
There are so many options packed into this printer, your applications are
■ Prints labels from ½” to 4” wide
■ 192 built-in graphics, with quick import options for graphics and fonts
■ Wizard-style apps for pipe ID, arc flash, and RTK chemical labels
■ Templates for common label styles such as signs with headers and a
library of 266 pre-made “pick and print” signs and labels

Hundreds of material options.
The i3300 Sign & Label Printer can print on continuous supplies,
pre-cut labels and even pre-printed sign headers and chemical labels.


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