Brady ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator

Brady ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator


Easily draw straight lines of floor tape

ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator
With the Floor Tape Applicator, you can easily draw straight lines of reliable floor tapes to increase safety and efficiency in a wide range of facilities. With just one tool, you can create heavy traffic forklift lanes, traffic lanes for pallet trucks and safe walking areas for coworkers on foot. The Floor Tape Applicator works with 50-100mm wide tape & he Small footprint means this applicator can fit into tight spaces to save you storage space. The ergonomic and lightweight design saves your back and keeps material changeovers fast and efficient.

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Floor tapes for every occasion

Apply thin and temporary up to thick, heavy duty floor tapes

Easy application

Ergonomic and lightweight for comfortable application


Floor tape liner on an extra core as you apply the tape

Easy storage

Small footprint allows storage in tight spaces


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