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Razor sharp printing at 300DPI – 

High durability print head design allows the SMS-R1 to print texts and graphics at a perfect resolution of 300DPI, ensuring razor sharp texts and symbols.

Thermal Transfer printing technology –

Thermal transfer printing technology uses a thermal printhead which applies heat to an ink ribbon. The ribbon ink transfers to the material to form the text or image. The ink is fused so that the image becomes part of the media and therefore withstands extreme temperatures, UV exposure, chemicals and more.

Full production speed at 100mm/s –

With the SMS-R1 you can print colour at a full production speed of 100mm per second. This allows the SMS-R1 to seamlessly fit in with your existing production process.

USB & Network connectivity –

The user can either decide to print to the SMS-R1 directly using the USB 2.0 connection or share the system with multiple users by using the built-in (LAN) network connectivity.

Extremely accurate cutting process –

The highly accurate and long lasting cutting plotter can cut any shape or sign you wish at an amazingly high speed.

Unmatched print & cut lengths –

The SMS-R1 is capable of printing to a new standard of output length, adding a new dimension to making the most productive use of materials and giving unmatched productivity. Printing multiple copies is virtually limitless!

Custom designed print driver –

Its open architecture allows any Windows based software to print on the SMS-R1. There are no restrictions tying it to a supplied software, giving ease of use and instant accessibility. Total control over print and cut management guarantees greatest economy and a minimum in errors.

Touchscreen allows full control –

The 3.5″ touchscreen allows you to control print and cut settings. It also indicates how much ribbon and tape is available and gives the user clear instructions during the entire process.


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Download Visual UK SMS R1 Brochure


Download User Manual

Printer Driver

Download SMS-R1 Printer Driver
For printer: SMS-R1
For Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Version 16d:
After updating printer driver, we recommend to upgrade printer firmware to latest version as well.


Download SMS-R1 Firmware
Version 1.0.2831
You can upgrade the firmware by starting a print job, in the SMS-R1 Manager go to Advanced > Upgrade firmware.
After upgrading firmware we recommend to install latest printer driver version as well.